The old man went on a life-long journey on a cruise ship

The older we get, the more often we think about how to spend the rest of our lives. Someone collects savings, someone looks after a house by the lake with a garden and a flower garden. In dreams, loved ones and relatives, children, grandchildren, friends turn out to be nearby …

Morton Jablin planned the same. Morton was born in Brooklyn, took part in World War II, met the girl of his dreams, who bore him two sons. Morton stubbornly pursued his “American dream”: he opened a lace workshop, built a family country house. Together with his wife Charlotte, they often traveled on cruise ships around the world and they loved this vacation. In general, the family’s life was happy, there was plenty of everything. The future was clear – old age surrounded by a wife and children.

But in 2007, everything changed dramatically – Charlotte died. Morton had a hard time. He faced a difficult choice of what to do next. The children called to them, but Jablin understood that it would be superfluous there – the sons already had their own children and grandchildren. The nursing home was not very attractive either, he wanted communication, impressions. And Morton found a way out.

He undertook to study the cost of a long stay on a cruise ship. It seemed like a good idea – there will always be lots of happy young people, new places, comfort and medical care. The old man chose the Seven Seas Navigator liner, sold his business, put the money on a deposit, and decided to pay for his trip with interest. Moreover, staying in a nursing home would not be cheap either …

So in 2007, Morton boarded the Seven Seas Navigator. Now the old man is already 94 years old, he is cheerful, happy and all these 13 years he has not left the ship. The cost of a cabin of this class on the liner starts at $ 200 per day, but the owner company made a 50% discount for Morton. The old man spends $ 4,000 a month on living, which is equivalent to renting an apartment on land. Periodically, Morton meets with his children (64 and 68 years old) in the port of Miami.

For the crew, Morton became a living talisman. The stateroom has been adjusted to suit Jablin’s needs. In one of the restaurants, Morton was assigned a personal table, and all the chefs know his preferences and tastes. The staff surrounds the man with 24/7 attention. The ship also has excellent medical personnel, doctors are well aware of the medical history of their guest and constantly monitor his state of health. Well, they can arrive at Morton’s cabin at any time in just 5 minutes.

Morton considers the crew of the ship his second family. He has access to some of the offices and often plays chess with the captain in the evenings. Morton is constantly surrounded by young, carefree people. He breathes the fresh sea air, admires sunsets and sunrises, sunbathes and rests, keeps a lively mind and vigor of the body. In such conditions, Jablin is going to live up to 120 years.

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