The most unusual hotels in the world

We have compiled a small list of unique and unusual hotels from all over the world, built from sand, located in mines and caves, or carved directly into the rock .. They can be found from Bavaria to Zanzibar. Let’s go on a trip to absolutely unlike each other, the most bizarre hotels in the world.

Sand Hotel на Weymouth Beach

Let’s start our list with some of the most ephemeral hotels around the world – the sandy hotel on Weymouth Beach in England. The Sand Hotel was built within a week by a team of specialists and consists entirely of sand, and the best. A total of 1,000 tons of this material were used. The high wall of the hotel resembles a castle wall with arches and towers.

The hotel offers a night under the stars, including beautiful sea views. The only problem is that the builders did not build a single toilet in the castle.

Salt Hotel in Bolivia Luna Salada

Our second hotel lives up to its name Salt Hotel. All walls are made of salt blocks, even the floor is sprinkled with salt crystals. Around a million salt blocks were used to build the hotel, including furniture and ceilings.

Located on a hill in the village of Kolchani, offering fantastic views of the famous salt lake. A great place to relax. The complex also has a large seawater pool and sauna. An overnight stay costs about $ 150, but it’s worth it.

Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht in Bavaria

The next in the list of unusual hotels in the world , for those who are not afraid of heights and loves outdoor recreation – the hotel “Sleeping on a tree” Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht. Ascent and descent into the room, if you can call it that, is possible only with the help of rope and climbing skills. Once you climb in, you will be able to fully enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the mountains and surroundings of Pfronten. $ 300 per night is the price for an amazing hotel room.

Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile

Montana Magica Lodge in Chile, better known as the Magic Mountain Hotel. It is located in the Huilo Huilo (we will not write in Russian) nature reserve in Patagonia. The hotel is designed in the form of a mountain and can only be entered through a suspension bridge. This quaint hotel envelopes the forest like a dense wall, at the top of which there is a small waterfall.

A single room costs about USD 215. This unique hotel is designed not only for eco-tourists, but also for adventure and travel lovers looking for harmony with nature and something special.

Tree Hotel in Sweden

Probably everyone had a place to have their own tree house. The Tree Hotel in northern Sweden will help you make that dream come true. The hotel rooms, each made in a unique style, are suspended at a height of 6 meters. The most impressive room is called “Mirror Cube”, reflecting in its facets all the beauty of the forest. This is also reflected in the price, which is about $ 550 per day.

Ice Hotel in Sweden

Linger in Sweden and check out another quirky Ice Hotel. The ice hotel consists of 6,000 square meters of snow and ice. Visitors spend the night in thermal sleeping bags. The hotel is one of the most beautiful places for recreation and is visited annually by up to 50,000 tourists. True, you have to fork out – the weekend will cost $ 1000.

Giraffe Hotel in Kenya

Surely, nowhere in the world can you see giraffes this close? Already in the morning, giraffes frolicking in the immediate vicinity of the hotel are waiting for food. In addition to breakfast, every guest table has food for animals. You can pet them and take a photo, and maybe you are lucky enough to get one of the famous kisses of the giraffe.

Hotel Kakslauttanen in Lapland

This is the place where you can experience all the beauty and depth of Finnish winter. Some rooms have an outdoor pool. if you’re lucky, you can admire the northern lights. Even without the northern lights, the view of the clear starry sky over northern Finland will impress anyone. Prices – from $ 200 and more per day.

Sala Silvermine in Sweden

Let’s return to Sweden and see an unusual hotel 120 kilometers northwest of Stockholm. The premises of the Sala Silvermine were previously a silver mine at a depth of 155 meters. One of the charms – your cell phone will not be silent, and all contact with the surface is only through wi-fi. The price depending on the location, starting from 4290 SEK.

Manta Underwater Room in Zanzibar

The last hotel on our list surpassed all of the above in uniqueness and exclusivity. Off the coast of Tanzania, you can enjoy your vacation right under the water.
The hotel is a raft that is divided into three floors: a rooftop for sunbathing, a bedroom for relaxing and admiring the underwater world of the Indian Ocean.

Accommodation costs for an underwater experience can revolve around $ 1200.

Guhantara (India)

Guhantara is an unusual hotel located in India, the architecture of which can be traced to the style of ancient India. The rooms of the “cave” are designed in a balanced way – just a little. Guhantara Hotel is a great place to practice yoga and meditation.

Yang Jia Ling Cave Hotel (China)

The unusual Yang Jia Ling Cave Hotel is the largest hotel in the world, located right in the cliff. The furnishings of the hotel rooms will involuntarily make you feel like a monk. Although, perhaps this is why millions of tourists from all over the world are sent to China every year.

The Civita Caves (Italy)

The amazing hotel is an ancient cave house, carved into the rock, the interior and furnishings of which will help you travel back in time to the past, to feel how people lived in those days. These places are recognized as the most unusual in the world .



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