What awaits social media in 5 years

From an article by Denis Lagutenko, an entrepreneur, founder of the international digital agency AdsProfit, “What awaits social networks in 5 years” (“Snob”): “By 2025, there will be no free way to promote your product or service in social media. Marketers have identified: account a company needs to attract the attention of a potential customer at least seven times in order to lead them to a purchase. the number of targeted actions required to sell has increased and can now be two or even three times the number mentioned above. It is understandable: competition in many niches reached record levels during the isolation period. While the whole world was at home, companies went online en masse. Therefore, in order to achieve a result today, it is necessary to make more efforts than in the dock-like reality.


The trend is shifting towards more natural content. Influencers of the future give up photoshop, wear casual clothes in stories and draw much more attention to the brand they are promoting, because it is he who is associated with the lifestyle of a certain blogger. And the campaign results speak for themselves: according to a study by Business Insider, by 2022 the size of the influencer marketing market will reach $ 15 billion. Of course, the foundation of a successful collaboration between a brand and a blogger is trust. So, companies interested in a certain number and quality of the audience should be ready for the creative ideas that influencers offer.

If we talk about the future of influencer marketing, then it rushes into strategic planning and long-term cooperation, rather than one-off integrations. There is every reason to believe that nano- and micro-influencers will become new stars: brands will start signing contracts with them for five or more years and will fight for everyone, offering more favorable terms.

According to forecasts, by 2021, more than 82% of all consumed global Internet traffic will be online video. However, if earlier a user could concentrate on watching a 30-second video, today the trend is changing: companies are switching to the format of shot videos lasting an average of 6-7 seconds. In Instagram stories, such videos allow you to increase engagement: if the very first story posted per day is watched by the majority of followers, the total reach of all subsequent ones will also increase.

TikTok has gained a reputation as an app where kids and teens make faces all the time, repeat other people’s jokes and come up with short dances. But this is only part of the content. Within the social network there are educational channels of teachers and psychologists, and sometimes there are absolutely unexpected videos.

The job of marketers has changed. Now at the top are those who are not afraid of competition with AI and skillfully use its functionality to their advantage. For example, such “cooperation” has already given marketing tools such as social listening (monitoring of all mentions of your brand by users) and look-alike (advertising to an audience similar to the original in some parameters). Of course, technologies of this kind force us to reconsider the approach to advertising: from creative concepts to personalized solutions.

Alas, today high site positions do not guarantee traffic. If you are interested in the release date of an event, just type in the “release date of the Iphone 12” in the search, and immediately see the information without clicking on the links. It turns out that you no longer need to visit the site to read about what you are looking for. So, in the summer of 2019, the share of queries without referrals exceeded half of total search queries. However, the share of paid transitions is growing. For example, in 2015, when entering any request, only one paid link appeared, but now almost all Google search results consist of ads, which we click on first.

AR (Augmented Reality) content is an absolute innovation of the last few years, featuring masks, games and filters that sync with your movement. Despite the fact that Snapchat was the pioneer in this, Instagram is now in the lead, releasing not only masks, but also games, thereby increasing the user’s time inside the same site.

The development of the “Instagram shopping” service in some countries already allows making purchases without leaving the social network. Finally, it became obvious: boosting subscribers and buying likes are not effective. However, the trend is a shift to augmented reality, with the help of which it will no longer be necessary to walk around the mall for hours. It is enough to take your own full-length photo, enter your parameters, scan things and enjoy how you look in the chosen bow. In 2021, it will be possible to purchase goods on Instagram with one click, and in 2-3 years trust sales in social networks can partially displace online stores, where the chance to see the seller’s face is minimal.

In a few years, everyone is waiting for a big VR – a social network, like in the Kiss me first series, where Azana’s game absorbs absolutely everything around it. In many ways, this desire is due to stress after a pandemic and prolonged isolation: a person wants to be in a new world that has not yet existed, or to create his own.

By all projections, online commerce will reach 30% of retail sales by 2025, with social media playing a big role. The incredible speed with which the market is now changing after self-isolation only underlines the need for a change in approaches to promotion.

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