AirPods exploded in China in user’s ear

According to the 23-year-old, he bought the original wireless earbuds from Apple a few months ago. During use with them there were no problems, but when talking in headset mode, they were very hot.

As a result, one of the earbuds just exploded on application. The young man noted that he was diagnosed with a skin tear in the ear canal. Also, an AirPods user temporarily lost his hearing in his right ear.

What happened next and how the situation was resolved

A few days later, the situation stabilized, but the pain persisted. According to the victim, he sent an official appeal to Apple. If the answer is not received, the guy is ready to start suing the company.

Apple representatives reacted almost immediately to the appeal. According to them, the issue of recalling a batch of wireless headphones, which included a faulty device, is currently being resolved.

The AirPods themselves were collected from the owner to determine the cause of the explosion during use. Nothing is known about compensation for the victim from the headphone manufacturer.

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