woman gives a resource to a man

Why exactly a woman gives a resource to a man, and not vice versa

In a relationship, a woman fills a man and gives him a resource, and not vice versa. But there is no injustice or inequality in this. On the contrary, everything is very wisely arranged.

Initially, each person can and should fill himself. We are not halves of a whole, but independent individuals. In a healthy relationship, you can’t go anywhere without it. Otherwise, addictive relationships turn out that do not inspire, but only pull us down. But, despite this, it is more comfortable for us to be a couple than alone. This is because man and woman are mutually complementary by nature.

What does a man give to a woman? Emotional stability, protection, problem solving.

What does a woman give to a man? Energy, vivid emotions, support, reliable rear.

Of course, you can arrange a family in another way: on the contrary, even on equal terms. The question is about your goals, what kind of relationship you want. From the point of view of psychology and biology, it is best when a man and a woman perform exactly the roles that I described. This is the most effective principle for organizing family relationships.

What it takes to share a resource with a man

To give a man support, you need to be psychologically and physically healthy yourself.

Only a calm and confident woman, full of strength and joy, can inspire and support a man. She believes in a man, believes that everything will work out for him, does not worry about the future. Thanks to this, he can do business, feeling that he will be supported.

If her woman has many fears, she makes the man worry too. She is afraid that he will leave, that they will not have enough money, that he will not cope with the work. He feels that he is not trusted and, instead of doing business, begins to worry about her. All the more, she cannot support him – she is too busy with her own problems and fears.

If a woman is overstrained at an unloved job, there is nowhere to take energy. And if she took care of herself – she adjusted the daily routine and diet, played sports, maybe went to a psychologist to work out childhood traumas – then she is full of strength and joy, which are easy and pleasant to share.
Such a woman gives a man a lot of strength, inspires so much that it is beyond words.

This is both a soft look and the right words that come from the heart. In a family where a woman is full of strength and can inspire a man, family care rituals often appear – each family has its own. Someone is lying in an embrace, someone is watching a movie, someone is doing a massage, someone’s heels are crumpled or their head is scratched.

On the one hand, there is nothing difficult in giving a resource, there is no super-scheme. On the other hand, not every woman knows how to take care of herself and not be afraid of the future.

For this you need:

  • Work through psychological problems
  • Grow up psychologically and separate from your parents
  • Learn to think about yourself
  • Learning to think about a partner and his interests
  • Learn to fill and delight yourself

Can a woman remake any man – inspire a loser or turn an ambitious man into a rag?
The success of a man depends on both – the man and the woman. A woman influences a man, but she cannot completely remake him.

Usually, a successful man finds a woman to inspire him. The one who does not strive for success finds one that puts a spoke in the wheel. This is called a scenario relationship.

If a woman expects and demands too much, the weak man will resist or change. If a strong and purposeful man feels that his wings are being tied, he will also fight a woman. But he will not be able to work and achieve full success until his wife changes or ceases to be his wife. He won’t have space for that.

If a woman’s influence does not suit a man, and he himself does not want to change, sooner or later he will leave this relationship.

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