Rules of life

Rules of life that always work

Each person has their own rules of life, but there are universal rules that always work, even if you do not follow them.

The rule of reciprocity.
Do good to another and ask for a favor in return. In 84% of cases, you will not be refused.

The rule of error.
Pay attention to yourself before judging the mistakes of others. One who throws mud cannot have clean hands.

The rule of pain.
The offended person himself hurts others.

The upper road rule.
We move to a higher level when we treat others better than they treat us.

Boomerang rule.
When we help others, we help ourselves.

Hammer rule.
Never use a hammer to kill a mosquito on the other person’s forehead.

Exchange rule.
Instead of putting others in their place, we must put ourselves in their place.

Learning rule.
Every person we meet has the potential to teach us something.

The rule of charisma.
People take an interest in the person who is interested in them.

Rule of ten points.
Believing in the best qualities of people usually makes them show their best qualities.

The rule of the situation.
Never let the situation mean more to you than the relationship.

Bob’s rule.
When Bob is in trouble with everyone, Bob is usually the main problem.

Accessibility rule.
Being at ease with yourself helps others feel free with us.

The trench rule.
When preparing for battle, dig a trench for yourself so that a friend can fit in it.

The farming rule.
All relationships can and should be cultivated.

The 101 percent rule.
Find the 1 percent we agree with and devote 100 percent of our efforts to it.

The rule of patience.
Traveling with others is always slower than traveling alone. If you want to walk far – walk together, if you want to walk fast – walk alone.

The rule of two sides of the same coin.
The true test of a relationship is not just how loyal we are to friends when they fail, but also how happy we are when they succeed.

The rule of sympathy.
All other things being equal, people will strive to work with those they like; under other unequal conditions, they will still do it.

The rule of cooperation.
Working together increases the likelihood of winning together.

The mirror rule.
The people who surround me are my mirrors, reflecting those features of me, which I myself am often unable to realize.

Dependency rule.
Nobody owes me anything. I help everyone I can and don’t expect anything in return. And that makes me happy.

What rules of life do you follow?

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