How does a woman make a man successful

How does a woman make a man successful?

Role of women in men’s success

You’ve probably heard of the industrialist Henry Ford, as well as his devoted and loving wife. About how no one believed in him, and she held the lamp at night while he invented a new engine for the car. The result – Henry Ford built many car factories, became one of the richest people in the United States, and the Ford brand still exists today.

In one interview, Henry Ford said that he owes all the best in his life to his wife, who believed in him.
Can we say that this is a typical story, or is it just that Henry Ford was very lucky? Personally, I was convinced more than once: a lot depends on a woman in a relationship. She can both inspire a man to feats, and, conversely, provoke him to wallow and be lazy.

What a wife gives to her husband and why it affects his success

It is important to support a man in difficult moments.
When my wife and I were just starting our path in psychology, I was not always confident in myself and my plans. We had not yet created an Educational Center, we had no experience, we had to invent something on the go, we made a lot of mistakes. “I can’t handle it,” I sometimes said. “No, you can handle it. Who but you? ” she answered.

In the life of even the most ambitious man, there are times when he loses confidence. It is then that the support of a woman is important, who will smile and help him again believe in himself and in the future.

It is important for a man to help relax so that he does not overexert himself.

When a woman gives birth to a child, she has contractions. They give way to relaxation, then they start again. If contractions went on without a break, no woman would be able to give birth.

The tension-relaxation principle works everywhere. We do any work in cycles: we work for a while, then we rest. If you only work, a person will overstrain and not finish the job.

Here a man went to work: set goals, fusses, calls clients, fights with his superiors. This is tension. After that, he needs to relax. A woman can best take care of this.

If a man comes home and feels that he can relax there, it is very valuable for him. In the outside world, anything can happen, but at home a man can take off the mask of the strong, they will not demand anything and will accept him as he is. This is a powerful and soft support, warmth, which a woman gives with her condition, behavior, attention.
The ability to help relax and the ability to support at the right time – this is how a woman helps a man to cope with his tasks and problems.

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