After 60, life is just beginning: 9 retired heroes

Don’t think about getting old – it gets old . This is the rule that the participants of today’s rating were guided by. The old people went wrong. Every year more and more people start or continue to lead an active lifestyle at retirement age. Let’s talk about people whose life after 60 has just begun.

100-year-old parachutist

Forever young at heart, record holder Georgina Harwood was born in South Africa in 1915. Even in her student years, she managed to excel and became one of the first women to graduate from Cape Town University. After that, Georgina began a quiet family life: she got married, gave birth to four babies. Later she had grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. At the age of 90, the old woman realized that she wanted to get more out of life and started an unusual hobby . From the title one can understand that parachute jumping has become a new hobby of the newly rejuvenated pensioner. Georgina was in no hurry, apparently, she was preparing both mentally and physically, and made the first jump at 92 . For the second jump, the old woman did not immediately decide, and only at the age of 97 she conquered the airspace for the second time.

Georgina celebrated her centenary on a grand scale. She made her third, record-long, parachute jump. Do you think that’s all? After that, she plunged into the ocean in a cage surrounded by sharks, and climbed to the top of the table mountain, where a party was held in her honor. The birthday girl told reporters: “Parachute jumps let me feel the fullness of life again!” The charge of vivacity was enough for another three years: in 2018, a retired parachutist died peacefully in her sleep.


Everest Conqueror 80

The next member of our ranking is from Japan – Yuichiro Miura. His father was a famous skier and traveler. Imitating his father, Yuichiro started skiing. Yuichiro climbed the highest mountains in the world, after which he skied off them. His meteoric descent from Mount Everest formed the basis for the 1975 Oscar-winning documentary. In 2003 (70 years), the Japanese became known as the oldest conqueror of Mount Everest . But the record lasted only 5 years. Nepalese climber Min Bahadur Sher Khan conquered Everest at the age of 76. Yuichiro Miura did not stand aside and already in 2013, at the age of 80, again conquered the highest peak . The record is still held, and the Japanese does not give up training – in case another elderly competitor appears. A resident of Nepal will definitely not be able to break the record. After all, the climber Min Bahadur Sherkhan died on May 6 at the base camp while trying to climb Everest again and become the oldest mountain conqueror.

Ballet debut at 80

John Lowe was born in the UK in 1919. His biography could be used to write the history of the 20th century. Relatively prosperous childhood, war, captivity, Japanese camp and work in a coal mine. Homecoming, eerie memories, the stress of a lost post-war generation. However, John decided to treat his mental trauma not in a pub, like many of his peers, but in an art college . He loved to paint and soon mastered this profession to perfection, and at the same time met his future wife. Artistic achievements somehow faded into the background, life went into a rut: there was work, family, sometimes a little creativity in my spare time. I didn’t have time to look back when I turned 80 years old. In general, it’s a sin to complain: it was a long time, varied and tasteful. Children got on their feet, grandchildren were born and grew up. It was they who deprived the grandfather of peace with their stories about the ballet studio. It turned out that all his life John admired dancers, often painted them, but never tried to dance himself . On the 80th anniversary, the grandchildren dragged their grandfather to class at the Lantern Dance studio. The old man stood up to the machine and was surprised to find that he liked it and he succeeded! A year later, the pensioner was already participating in the performances with such grace and inspiration that he became a local star. The ballet life captured John completely and completely. In knitted leotards and a scarf on the way off, he looked as if all his life he had been doing the antrash and pas de deux. On his 90th birthday, John performed the solo ballet The Artist’s Life at the cathedral in his hometown of Ely. The new ballet life lasted for almost two decades. The aged star went extinct at the age of 99, surrounded by admiring grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Oldest porn actor

Shigeo Tokuda’s amazing achievements are not so much in his professional success as in the fact that until the age of 60 he led the measured life of a travel agent in Tokyo , in no way coming into contact with the porn industry. After retiring in 1994, the Japanese got bored and began ordering cassettes with adult films at home. The pensioner was so carried away by this new world for him that he even met the director of a porn studio and suddenly found himself passionately involved in the process of filming another film. The fashion for aged porn actors was just beginning, and Tokuda became the flagship of this trend. Now that he is 85 years old, his productivity has dropped somewhat, but the retiree still speaks with enthusiasm about his unexpected career, which brings him not only impressive fees, but also “complete moral satisfaction.”


Old men robbers

Alas, not all modern pensioners are drawn to feats. Some – just the opposite, for crimes ! This is how the oldest gang of jewelry thieves from London became famous in the history of the criminal world. They carried out the largest jewelry vault robbery in England in 2015. Here are some entertaining details of this insidious atrocity. The 76-year-old gang leader Brian Reeder made his way to the crime scene on public transport using his retirement card. The elderly robbers went down to the vault through the elevator shaft and spent two days in the basement, cutting a hole in the wall. John Collins, 75, who was guarding the bank exit while the gang carried out the loot, dozed off in the car opposite the security camera. Some of the loot ($ 20 million worth of jewelry was stolen) was hidden in the cemetery! The robbery was revealed, since the old robbers did not take into account that the recording was carried out not only on cameras inside the bank (they were disabled), but also outside. As the head of the London police proclaimed: “This was the last analog crime in the digital age!”

Based on this story, the series “Hatton Garden” was filmed.

The series “Hatton Garden”

Catwalk sensation at 79

If you saw a viral video from a Chinese park, in which ordinary local pensioners, in between times, within the framework of exercise, perform the free Olympic program on the uneven bars and twist the “sun” on the horizontal bar, then our next hero will not surprise you. Deshun Wang, 79, was dubbed “the hottest grandfather of today,” when he appeared on the catwalk during Beijing Fashion Week in 2015. Immediately after that, Wang received many invitations to shoot and became an iconic Chinese model overnight.

Surprisingly, this was the debut of a senior citizen in the fashion industry . Previously, he worked as an actor and never even thought about walking around naked in the spotlight. However, the newborn supermodel admits that he still made some efforts to maintain physical shape. In particular, at the age of 50, he began to go to the gym from time to time, and at seventy he introduced a more regular training system. So, if you are not yet fifty, you can relax about the rocking chair, but if you already have one, start walking there from time to time. As Wang’s experience shows, it’s never too late to build such a torso that everyone will just gasp at your funeral.

Grandma dj

British Ruth Flowers thought for most of her life that in retirement she and her husband would live in a villa in Portugal, go to fish restaurants, look at the sea, and in the evenings go to the central square of the local town to drink port wine. When Ruth was 60 years old, the puzzle came together . The pensioner was happy for several years, until her husband betrayed this wonderful dream, suddenly passing away. Alone, the Portuguese town seemed like a boring hole. Ruth returned to her homeland in Bristol, where in 2001, at the birthday of her grandson, her plans for retirement suddenly came to a sharp peak. The grandson, of course, did not think that his grandmother, God’s dandelion, would come to his party in a nightclub when he sent an invitation out of politeness. However, the pensioner not only came, but also stayed. “It was all godlessly loud, of course,” Ruth recalled, “but deliciously fun!” After that night, the old woman told her grandson that she would like to try herself as a DJ. One could just laugh, but the clever grandson found the 70-year-old grandmother of the producer, who was delighted with the energy of Mami Rock (this is the pseudonym Flowers took for herself).

The old lady was trained to mix mixes, helped to find stage clothes and jewelry, and gave her a pilot performance at a private party with celebrities. And Ruth blew up the European dance scene! Within a couple of years, she had a busy touring schedule , and at eighty Mami Rock became a real international superstar . Flights, hotels, nightlife. The schedule, which 20-year-olds cannot cope with, did not bother the old woman at all. She continued to collect full clubs until she was 83 years old, until she died in a chair at her home, where she stopped for a couple of days between tours.

Cycling champion in the category “over 105”

For most of his life, Robert Marchand did not think about sports. He was born in France on the eve of the First World War and the first years of his life, as well as a significant part of his youth, was busy surviving in the gigantic slaughter that mankind had at that moment. Mature years brought more interesting prospects: Robert tried himself in various fields (firefighter, woodcutter, winemaker), at some point he emigrated to Venezuela, then to Canada, but eventually returned to his homeland. When he was 68 years old, all this fuss subsided somewhat, and Marchand finally got himself a hobby: he began to ride a racing bike. After a few years, the pensioner even decided to take part in a bicycle race and was surprised to find that he was showing good results – there were not so many rivals in his age category. Robert continued to pedal and did not have time to look back as there were no rivals left at all!

When he turned 105, a special category was created for him, in which he competed with himself. In particular, the last result of a geron racer is more than 22 kilometers per hour. However, now, at 107 years old, the old man sincerely hopes that someday there will be a worthy rival who will stimulate him to new records.

Stand-up debutante at 71

Ruth Miller turned 71 when she enrolled at Comedy College in San Francisco. The old woman was looking for jokes on the Internet, came across courses for stand-up comedians and decided to try herself in this role. “There are two options: either you’re funny or you’re not,” Ruth says in an interview. – At the graduation performance, the audience was lying when I performed my sketch about mammography. It was an unforgettable feeling. I thought of only one thing: where could I try it again? ” Miller took part in festivals, performed solo shows and soon received an invitation to come to Britain, where she had a series of performances at the Soho Theater in London. It was a success! “The Oldest Female Comedy” is well aware that she is doing something out of the ordinary: stand-up comedy is dominated by 30-year-olds. The aged stars of this genre, firstly, are almost exclusively men, and secondly, long-known characters, gathering full halls of the same fans who attended their performances several decades ago. However, the debutante pensioner has her own niche – self-irony. At the very beginning of the performance, she sits down on her knees to some bespectacled person in the front rows and takes off his glasses. “Agree, do I look better?” Ruth coos, and the audience bursts into laughter. When Miller turned 80, she firmly decided that she would perform until she died. “Or until I forget all the words,” she laughs.

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