How to attract customers in business – 15 ways

Attracting clients in a particular business is one of the most basic problems in doing business. The first thing every businessman thinks about is where to look for clients in business? In this regard, we have prepared for you a small selection of tips for attracting customers.

Announcements and flyers

Today, flyers, various announcements on the web or at special information stands are widely distributed. Thus, they attract attention to the newly opened business. Cafes, restaurants, delivery services distribute such flyers near offices, where people are more likely to come to them for lunch. The effectiveness of leaflets in the case of a flyer directly depends on its appearance. Design matters in ads too. However, the main thing is to tell the client about the benefits of the offer. In the case of flyers and announcements at stops, at which potential customers throw only casual glances, it is pointless to describe in detail the characteristics of the product. The consumer will then pay attention to the offer when he learns about upcoming promotions and discounts.


Leaflets and even flyers can not only be handed out on the street in places with a large concentration of potential customers, but also placed in the mailboxes of these very potential customers. However, not every product or service can be offered in this way. Such advertising will go to promote the husband’s services for an hour, repair household appliances, sell windows and doors, or deliver groceries and ready meals. If you sell online cash registers or repair mining equipment, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find at least one client.

Advertising articles

Your product, service or company as a whole can be presented in a small spread in a paper or virtual edition. It is advisable to choose something thematic so that the product falls into the general concept of a magazine, newspaper or public. For example, a cosmetic product description might be posted in a health and beauty group. Do not forget about high-quality photos with an attractive look of the product.

Kommercheskoye predlozheniye Kommercheskoye predlozheniye predstavlyayet soboy svodku informatsii o sfere deyatel’nosti predpriyatiya, realizuyemykh produktakh, sushchestvuyushchikh aktsiyakh, preimushchestvakh pokupki i pryamogo sotrudnichestva. Dlya yego sozdaniya luchshe nanyat’ spetsial’nogo cheloveka, kotoryy uzhe imeyet opyt v etom dele. On dolzhen sumet’ prepodnesti svedeniya o kompanii takim obrazom, chto ot predstavlennogo predlozheniya vashi nastoyashchiye ili budushchiye kliyenty prosto ne smogut otkazat’sya.

Commercial offer

Commercial offer is a summary of information about the scope of the enterprise, products sold, existing promotions, purchase benefits and direct cooperation. To create it, it is better to hire a special person who already has experience in this matter. He should be able to present information about the company in such a way that your current or future customers simply cannot refuse from the presented offer.


Real clients who have already worked with you and have received everything they need in the best possible way have a very strong influence on potential customers. Ask your loyal customers who are confident in you and who are confident in you to tell others about your company.


Suitable for both novice businessmen and established companies. This method is also good because, in addition to attracting customers, it helps in expanding the capabilities of the enterprise. Partners share ideas and help in their implementation. Partner projects take business to a new level. It is important to remember that potential partners must be in the same rank as you, and the partnership agreement must be mutually beneficial. There is no need to look for partners among direct competitors. You should pay attention to the reputation of the company chosen for the partnership.


Recently, thematic exhibitions have gained particular popularity, and many of them concern not only the coverage of a topic, but also the presentation of various goods and services. Wedding exhibitions are held annually in the country, where future newlyweds can learn about the work and its quality of certain masters or salons.

ATL marketing

ATL marketing is a way to promote a business through advertising on various media platforms: radio, television, press. At the same time, advertising can be illuminated both in the apartment of a potential client and on the bus in which he travels to work. It can also be outdoor advertising. Such a move will be effective for small businesses operating in a village with a small population. Advertising will sound within one location, so it will not be suitable for attracting a wide audience.


Radio broadcasting is worth a separate discussion, although radio advertising is included in ATL marketing. Today, almost everyone is trying to buy a car. It’s comfortable. It is comfortable. It’s fast. It is effective. Radio advertising will also work quickly and efficiently, the reason for which is simple: the driver must listen to something in the cabin of his car and not always this favorite music recorded on a USB flash drive or saved by subscription. It is important to choose the appropriate frequency and present the information accurately, clearly and concisely.

SEO promotion

A well-promoted SEO website can play a big role in attracting clients. SEO allows you to promote your website to the top of the search results. It makes your site look organic among other search terms. To optimize the site, it is necessary to collect a semantic core, draw up a content plan, write tags, relink pages, etc. And again, it is better to entrust it to professionals.

SMM marketing

Social networks are becoming an integral part of our life. Here we communicate, find out news, read interesting articles, watch funny and informative videos. We learn about trends, fashion and style. We are carried away by a new culture and plunge into new, previously unknown spaces. Social networks allow you to realize yourself. To become famous. Start making good money. And promote the business. SMM is the promotion of a group, community or profile on social networks. Many companies are now actively using its algorithms to expand their audience. Moreover, SMM helps to understand the desires and needs of your audience, as it provides direct communication with them.

Internet newsletter

To use this method, you need to acquire a database of potential customers who are supposedly interested in your product. It is better to entrust this task to a specialist, because it can take a lot of time and effort to complete it independently. There is another option to buy a ready-made base, but in this case, you need to check the seller for reliability. There are quite a few enterprising guys on the Internet who offer dummy bases for a fee. The newsletter can be done in popular instant messengers or by email.

contextual advertising

Google.AdWords can be the best customer acquisition assistants. These services allow you to place contextual advertising in popular search engines, which is automatically issued to a potential client if he makes a request. Contextual advertising quickly shows positive results, as it makes the most accurate selection of the target audience.

Directories and geolocation

Google Maps are platforms that Russians actively use. Thanks to them, finding the right company that provides the necessary services is easy. It is also not difficult to attract new clients. It is very important to enter information about your company and set a pin in popular maps or reference books. It is worth making a sample of the target audience when providing services or selling goods, not only to individuals, but also to entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Discounts and promotions

What better way to attract the attention of the client and the desire to buy and get, if not the opportunity to buy and get it at a FAVORABLE PRICE, WITH A BIG DISCOUNT or as a GIFT? The organization of loyalty programs, the development of discounts and the introduction of promotions helps to attract not only new customers, but also to revive the interest of old ones. The opportunity to save is something that arouses interest even among those who previously did not want to purchase this or that product. Therefore, the offer of the opportunity to save is what stimulates sales. Think back to Black Friday. These days, shops are making profits that they sometimes cannot get in a few working days. Why? Because people have a passionate desire – to get benefits.

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